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Be a patron of the arts and help cultural groups grow and thrive with online fundraising.


Need funding for music and arts? Search Mightycause's online donation websites for creative fundraising ideas.

Whether you need to raise money for music programs or school instruments or are interested in arts philanthropy and are looking for a new way to fundraise for the performing arts, online fundraising provides an easy way to get donors engaged.

Creative Fundraising Ideas For Your Arts Or Cultural Organization

Fundraising event ideas have become a staple in many organizations as a way to help with fundraising event planning, entertaining, and engaging your donors. Whether you are looking for creative fundraising ideas on Pinterest or looking for successful fundraising ideas for nonprofits, museums, or performing art centers on Google, one of the most recent and easy ways to raise money is by starting an online fundraiser.

There's many benefits to online fundraising for arts and cultural organizations as well as for your personal art funding needs. Mightycause is known for being the leading online fundraising website for nonprofits as well as for offering free fundraising for personal fundraisers. Here are some of the benefits to starting an online fundraiser:

1. It’s more cost effective.

If you're used to running direct mail campaigns for your nonprofit you know how expensive it can be. One campaign can cost you thousands of dollars. And while your organization may have seen success from a direct mail piece in the past, social media marketing and email marketing can be very effective for your arts and culture fundraiser. Marketing your fundraiser online can be done at no cost by using your own database of email contacts as well as using your own social network. Paid digital marketing campaigns are also a fraction of the cost to reach thousands of new potential donors compared to the high cost of traditional marketing to raise money.

2. It’s fast to implement.

You can start an online fundraiser and start getting donations on the same day. It's easy to track the success of your campaign and to see how your donations are coming along. With traditional direct mail, it could take from a few weeks to a couple of months before being able to gage the success of your campaign.

3. It’s more personalized and targeted.

Email marketing as well as most digital marketing (including marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) allows you to easily target different groups with different messages. You can create unique messaging appealing to Baby Boomers as well as content that appeals and engages millennials ensuring you hit all possible donors with the right messaging.

4. It’s easy to analyze results.

Anything digital is transparent! Not only does a secure online fundraising platform assure your donors their identity is safe when making an online donation, it is easy to provide them with digital receipts (when using online fundraising for nonprofit tax donations) or to share and say, "Thank you!" when someone makes a donation to your personal fundraiser or charitable fundraiser.

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