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Raise funds for educators, classrooms, collegiate costs and clubs.

Making the world a better place starts with education. Fundraise for academic pursuits today.

PTA Fundraising Made Easy

Organize your next PTA fundraiser on Mightycause to support your local elementary, middle, or high school—it’s free to start! Overall, the mission of a PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. So how can Mightycause fit into your PTA's fundraising plan? Our online fundraising platform helps make annual fundraising goals achievable for all who support the health and educational achievement of our nation’s children, and engages parents, teachers, community members, and other citizens raise money for their school. Since the PTA promotes parent involvement in all schools, and works to ensure nationwide access to quality public education having a shareable online fundraising page makes fundraising quick and easy.

In a 2013 Washington Post article, Nelson Mandela speaks to the power of education; " The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success. It can contribute to nation-building and reconciliation... We are steadily but surely introducing education that enables our children to exploit their similarities and common goals, while appreciating the strength in their diversity."

When you fundraise for education on Mightycause, you are doing so much more than improving one classroom. You have the power to grant our educators with the support they need to enrich our youth, and that is hope for the future.

Fundraising For the Classroom

From books to technology and more, a fundraiser on Mightycause can help you get the supplies every classroom needs. Teachers know best that all students deserve the opportunity to learn. And yet, budgets are far too tight when it comes to educational funding. Many teachers are buying classroom supplies with their own money. Learning tools in the classroom are outdated, and educators are underpaid, making it hard for students to be engaged. If you need an idea for educational fundraising, one solution for classroom supplies is starting an online fundraiser. It's easy to gain the support of your friends and raise money for the educational tools you need.

Fundraising for Tuition and Collegiate Experience

The expenses of college should not hold you back from achieving your educational goals. Help ease the financial burden of private school or higher education costs by starting an online fundraiser on Mightycause. Fund any academic expense, such as housing, meal plans, intensives, greek life, club costs, trade school supply or lab fees, grad school programs, or study abroad trips. Prepare for university by starting a college fund for yourself or someone else, or fund valuable experiences that will beef up your college applications.

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