Family Fundraising

Fundraise for programs and initiatives that support your family and the families in your community.

Raise money for someone in need, whether that is yourself or someone you love.

Family is precious. Keeping family members healthy, safe, and well provided-for is a cause to which we can all rally. After all, there's nothing more important or rewarding than caring for the people we love—which is why fundraising for children and families on Mightycause is so powerful. Using our family fundraising ideas to start a successful fundraiser can transform the lives of children and families in need.

Ideas for Children and Family Fundraising

Despite its (relatively recent) inception, online fundraising has forever changed the way individuals, groups, and organizations achieve their fundraising goals, and when it comes to children and families, crowdfunding offers new and priceless opportunities for those in need. Here are some great ways support the people nearest and dearest to us, whether they have dire financial needs or could simply use financial help for everyday needs:

Raise Money For Camp Or Field Trips

Fun and educational excursions can be amazing experiences for children, but they cost money! That's where an online fundraising comes in. Jump-start a valuable experience for your family by creating a fundraiser on Mightycause and share it on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

Help With Costs Of After-school Programs

After-school programs can teach unique and valuable skills while enriching a child's education. Raise money to give your child a special opportunity to learn something new. If you ask friends and family, chances are they'll be happy to contribute to your child's future by making a donation online.

Start A College Fund

Saving money for college doesn't have to be the challenge it once was. Crowdfunding higher education is an amazing way to get ahead in the daunting process of planning your child's future. Every parent wants the best for their child—which is why you'd be surprised how eager folks can be to pitch-in to help you raise money for education! A little money from a lot of people goes a long way in help with your finances.

Give Relief For A Family Struck By Disaster

We may not be able to prevent catastrophes that can leave families homeless, financially burdened, or otherwise in urgent need, but we can them raise money for housing and other goods. Crowdfunding is about community, and when yours or a family you know is in trouble, starting an online fundraiser on someone's behalf can win the day.

Support Funeral Costs

With loss comes mourning and grief—and in many cases, major financial burden that families are often unprepared for. While there are no simple answers in the wake of loss, there is support to be found. A fundraiser can help pay for funeral and memorial costs which is a powerful way to relieve families of sudden expenses.

Raise Money For Adoption Fees

Bringing a child into your family is an amazing gesture and a big transition. The fees associated with an adoption can be significant, and the expenses of getting a child prepared for a new home or school can be unexpected. Start a child adoption fundraiser and ask your friends and family to lend a hand with your desire to provide a home for a child in need.

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