Medical Fundraising

Raise money for medical expenses and healthcare bills on Mightycause.

Raise Money to Help With Medical Bills and Healthcare Costs

According to the Millman Medical Index, the average healthcare costs for a family of four is now over $25,000. For those falling on hard times with hospital stays, cancer treatments with expensive chemotherapy regimens, the burden can be even higher. It’s hard enough to deal with the difficulties that come with illness, injury or cancer treatment, without considering the additional burden of medical bills and healthcare costs. The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that at the end of 2015, over 28 millions Americans were uninsured. If you don't have health insurance, even a small health issue can make it impossible to continue covering your regular monthly expenses. Even when you have a comprehensive insurance plan, costs can add up quickly and insurance may not cover everything you really need. Stop worrying about those mounting medical bills and start a medical fundraising page on Mightycause to cover the cost of treatments, doctors visits, co-pays and other medical expenses.

Start a Medical Fundraiser For Yourself

As the patient, you don't have the time or energy for a difficult process to manage. With Mightycause, you can start a free, easy fundraiser using our wizard in just a few minutes to help with medical bills and cover healthcare costs. Your friends and family want to find a way to show you their support without being a burden all the time and asking what you need. Mightycause's social sharing features will make it easy for you to spread the word to starting bringing in donations right away. (It's fast and easy to link your bank account using wePay too!) Your fundraiser is an easy way to allow your family and friends to make a donation, and you can use features right on the page to keep all your supporters updated with your progress throughout your treatment and recovery. 

Start a Medical Fundraiser For a Loved One

When a close friend, family member or loved one is in poor health, or diagnosed with an unexpected illness , all you want to do is help them feel better. While you often don't have control over making your loved-one healthy again, you can take action to help reduce their burden and make their challenging time a bit more manageable. With Mightycause, you can start a medical fundraiser to help cover their medical bills, whether it be the cost of a hospital stay or treatment, or raising funds for unexpected personal costs that they can no longer manage on top of their medical bills. You can create the fundraiser and take on the role of spreading the word and bringing in funds, and funds can be deposited right into the account of your loved-one. Mightycause's features will make it easy for you to thank donors, and keep them updated on how your loved-one is progressing through their treatment.

Medical Fundraising Ideas

With a medical fundraiser on Mightycause, you can cover the cost medical expenses like:

  • Chemotherapy, radiation or alternative cancer treatment options
  • Hospital bills, doctors visits and co-pays
  • Home health care or hospice care for a loved-one
  • Physical therapy or equipment to help you recover from an accident
  • Medical expenses that are not covered by your insurance plan
  • Medical research to find a cure for cancer, ALS or any number of medical conditions

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