Mission Trip Fundraising

Fund a mission trip and make a plan to help others with your group.


Fundraising for mission trips just got easier with Mightycause’s free online fundraising platform.

Religious and non-religious mission trips are a good way to get out and make a difference. Most mission trips are religious with groups of people going to a location anywhere in the world to help out and spread their beliefs. However, non-religious mission trips have become popular for those who feel uncomfortable following a religion but want to volunteer their services. Many churches and nonprofits organize mission trips but for many, the cost of travel and accommodations is too much. Don’t let the this be the reason that stops you from volunteering your services, and start a fundraiser for your trip today.

Why Start a Mission Trip Fundraiser With Mightycause?

  • No upfront costs
  • No goal requirements, keep all the funds you raise
  • Amazing customer support: By phone, email and instant chat
  • Fundraising page with dynamic storytelling tools
  • Easy access to track who’s supporting your campaign
  • Awesome social media integrations to make sharing easy!
  • Interactive 'liking' and commenting experience to easily engage supporters
  • Easy payment setup to accept funds via direct deposit to your bank account

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