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No Candy, no wrapping paper, no door-to-door fundraising. Online fundraising is easy for your PTA.

According to PTO Today, reduced school budgets mean that parents groups like PTAs and PTOs are being asked for fund more programs and activities that used to be covered by the school administration. Mightycause has helped PTAs around the country raise tens of thousands of dollars. Now, we'd like to help yours.

Make PTA Fundraising Easy

We’ve all tried every option around the sun it seems to raise money for school. Selling wrapping paper, pizza dough or yankee candle fundraising, just to name a few. These old school ways of raising funds involve lots of management, and often bring little return to your school and your student. Online fundraising is a great alternative (or supplement) to these other methods. Online fundraising websites make it easy to start your campaign, share with parents and community members and begin accepting funds. Mightycause will handle the tax-receipting for donations, and deposit the funds directly into your account, so that you can focus on recruiting more donors, and other PTA initiatives you care about.

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PTA and School Fundraising Ideas

There are all kinds of school event ideas and pta fundraisers you can host to bring in more funds for your school. Here are just a few of our favorites:

- Friendly competition: Host a run, walk, or week-long school event between different grades or classes to see who can raise the most funds for bragging rights within the school

- read-a-thon: Students can get family members to pledge based on how much they read.

- 50/50 raffle: The winner gets half the pot, and the rest goes to the PTA

- Schoolwide art show: Displaying student’s artwork for a small admissions fee, or host a refreshment stand for purchase.

- bake sale: Parents and Students can bake goods together for sale at the school, or a local market.

- Silent Auction: Parents can help secure donations from local vendors and businesses, and create gift baskets.

- Dress Down Days: For schools with a uniform, invite kids to dress casual one Friday each month for a small donation to the PTA.

- Pizza Lunch: Have a few volunteers bring hot pizza to the school lunchroom. Tell students in advance to they can plan to purchase pizza for lunch.

- Restaurant Night: Connect with a local restaurant to donate a portion of the proceeds for one evening, and encourage students and families to eat at the restaurant that night.

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