Humanitarian Relief Fundraising

Make a difference for lives interrupted by climate, war, and disaster.

Lend a helping hand to those who need it most.

Tragedy can strike anywhere at anytime. Disasters, whether natural or manmade are devastating and unexpected. Whatever the disaster or emergency, it often leaves thousands of individuals and families without basic means for survival. There are also millions of people around the world that depend on humanitarian aid due to poverty and other conditions that make day to day survival difficult. Communities often rely on humanitarian aid fundraising to provide relief and help meet emergency needs in various contexts. According to the Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2016 individuals, not trusts or foundations, are responsible for the funds that supply humanitarian assistance. Between 2010 and 2014 individuals like you accounted for nearly 70% of humanitarian relief fundraising. There are a range of causes that fundraise and respond to humanitarian crisis across the world, whether its providing disaster assistance in the wake of a natural disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane, or providing longer term relief in poverty stricken regions of the world. The requirements for humanitarian assistance can vary depending on the situation. For example when individuals are displaced due to natural disasters or refugee crisis as a result of war (such as the Syrian crisis), financial support as well as food aid is in dire demand. Humanitarian aid can come in the form of shelter, water, sanitation, health services (including supplies of medicine), food relief, and facilitation of services so that individuals and families can get back to normal lives and livelihoods as much as possible. Charities such as World Vision work with local partners within international contexts to distribute and implement humanitarian relief programs.

Start a Fundraiser to Support a Humanitarian Relief Charity

There are many reputable charities large and small that administer humanitarian aid. There are also many faith based organizations and churches that have disaster response and humanitarian relief programs. For example, a New Jersey church is helping with the resettlement of a Syrian refugee family with special needs. This is a great example of how a church group and its members are responding to the spiraling refugee crisis as a result of those fleeing war torn Syria. Some organizations and churches focus on international aid programs to address poverty and disease, others respond to providing disaster relief in response to natural disasters and wars. The people in need of humanitarian assistance count on individuals just like you to come to their aid by donating money online. Here at Mightycause we make it as easy as possible for you to do just that. You can find the trusted humanitarian relief organization you want to fundraise for easily by simply searching for the cause or looking through the list of reputable organizations counting on your support. Help with relief efforts by making their work on the ground possible by stepping up and starting a fundraiser to support their life-saving efforts. Your humanitarian aid fundraiser can make all the difference in the lives of those most affected by poverty, disease, displacement, natural disasters, and wars.

Start a Fundraiser to Support a Refugee Family

Depending on where you live, you may be welcoming refugee families from across the world. You may encounter or hear their individual stories and be compelled to help refugee families directly as they resettle in your community. Humanitarian relief does not always have to be administered via an organization. If you are aware of a personal story of a family needing financial help you can create a fundraiser on Mightycause to directly help the family with basic needs to assist them in regaining their day to day livelihoods.

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