School Fundraising

Fundraise for underfunded school programs, upgraded teaching tools, and educational infrastructure.

We believe the children are our future.

Start a school fundraiser that works and get school fundraiser ideas on Mightycause! Raising funds for your school with Mightycause is fast, easy, and fun.

Educators are entrusted with one of our most precious resources: our children. But unfortunately budget cuts, expanding classroom sizes and dwindling resources leave many public school teachers with no choice but taking money out of their owns pockets to bridge the gap between available funding and the needs of their students. According to Time Magazine, teachers spend an average of nearly $500 of their own money on school supplies for their students, with one in ten teachers spending $1,000 or more. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Mightycause empowers teachers, students, parents, parent-teacher associations, and community members to start school fundraisers that can help our children receive the education they deserve without teachers emptying their own pockets. Read on for inspiration to start your next fundraiser to raise money for your school or class.

Fundraising Ideas That Work

Old-fashioned school fundraisers like bake sales or sending kids door-to-door selling school fundraising products such as chocolate bars or wrapping paper have been shown to have high costs, low returns, and require a huge time investment from school administration, parents and students. Taking your school fundraiser online and allowing parents, family and community members to donate to your school right from their phone or computer makes school fundraising fast, easy, cost efficient and modern.

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