Volunteer Fundraising

Give back to volunteer groups that make your community a better place.

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Volunteers are individuals who commit their time to helping a cause they care about, without the promise pay or personal gain. For nonprofit organizations, volunteers are an invaluable resource. Volunteers can help nonprofits expand their services, devote more of their budget to their programs and furthering their cause, and free up their staff member’s time to focus on big picture work. Volunteering is an excellent way to give back to your community, make new friends, and contribute to causes that are important you. Mightycause provides a platform for nonprofit organizations focused on volunteer work to raise funds, personal fundraiser who want to embark on once-in-a-lifetime volunteer opportunities abroad, and allows anyone to volunteer their time through peer-to-peer fundraising.

Volunteer Programs on Mightycause

Volunteer connection programs like Volunteers of America and VolunteerMatch exist to help citizens find volunteer work. Programs like this also exist on a local level, helping people in the community connect to causes that are important to them. This service is vital not just to the nonprofits that benefit from volunteers, but the volunteers themselves. Student volunteers have been shown to have a higher rate of academic success, volunteerism builds connections with other members of the community, brings together people of diverse backgrounds and interests, and can improve physical and mental health. The benefits are of volunteering are most profound for senior citizens. According to A Place for Mom, volunteering helps senior citizens find meaningful connections and purpose, helps prevent social isolation and depression, and promotes healthy physical activity.

Mightycause is a platform volunteer-focused nonprofit organizations can use to raise funds so they can continue their important work of matching community members with volunteer jobs, and individuals can use to fundraise for meaningful volunteer opportunities.

Crowdfunding to Volunteer Abroad

While many volunteers prefer to stay in their own communities, there are some whose interests and passions compel them to volunteer abroad. Volunteering abroad can require investing more than just time and talent -- volunteers often have to foot the bill for their own travel expenses. Airfare, visa processing costs, and lodging can add up very quickly. Many volunteers have used Mightycause to crowdfund once-in-a-lifetime volunteer experiences abroad. Start a fundraiser.

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