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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising on Mightycause

Peer-to-peer fundraising can help nonprofit organizations acquire new donors, spread awareness, and fund their vital programs and services. And Mightycause has all the tools nonprofits and their supporters need to get started! 

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising on Mightycause

Since Mightycause was founded in 2006, peer-to-peer fundraising has been at the core of what we do. Crowdfunding and collective impact are what has inspired us since day one, and our peer-to-peer tools are the best on the market. Peer-to-peer isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, so we have multiple products to suit the needs of the modern nonprofit. 

These pages are the foundation of all peer-to-peer fundraising. A fundraiser page is created by an individual on Mightycause, and connected to a nonprofit. (You'll be able to see the nonprofit and the page creator listed.) The page creator can set their own fundraising goal, add their own photos, video, and story, and track their donors. Fundraiser pages are designed to be places where individuals can talk to the people in their network -- about what they're doing, why they care about the cause they're fundraising for, and why it's worth supporting. 

Fundraiser pages work great on their own. Mightycause has seen many standalone peer-to-peer fundraisers, where everyday philanthropists raise thousands for their favorite cause. But these pages are also the building block of our more complex peer-to-peer solutions, Teams and Events. 

Fundraiser Templates

To help make it easier for your nonprofit to incorporate peer-to-peer, we've created Fundraiser Templates. Nonprofit administrators can create one or more templates for peer-to-peer fundraisers that pre-fill essential parts of the page for the user, making it easy and convenient to get published and start fundraising. (It's also perfect for helping busy board members publish a fundraiser page, or Team or Event fundraisers.) 

Get Your Supporters Involved

With peer-to-peer on Mightycause, you can enlist your nonprofit's biggest supporters to fundraise for you! With just the click of a button, your supporters can create their own customizable fundraiser page where they can rally their social network around your cause. Peer-to-peer can bring new supporters to your organization, provide a fun and engaging way for your tried-and-true supporters to champion your cause, and bolster your fundraising efforts. 


Teams is a product for individuals who'd like to fundraise together. Our Teams product allows users to create a central Team page, where individual members can join, compete for fundraising bragging rights, and track their progress toward their collective fundraising goal. Each member of the Team creates their own individual fundraising page when they join, so they can still customize their own page, tell their story, and talk directly to their network. The Team's pages are tracked on a leaderboard, which inspires friendly competition. 

A Team page is built for organizing. The user who creates and manages the Team page has a dashboard where they can manage and message Team members, track donors and donations, and control the Team's settings. Managing a Team on Mightycause is easy and intuitive. 

Teams can be powerful fundraising machines. The number of new potential donors expands each time someone new joins the Team. Team of volunteers, staff members, community members, workplaces, board members, or students have raised thousands and thousands of dollars on Mightycause over the years. Some Team fundraisers are staples of nonprofits' fundraising calendars. 

Bigger fundraising efforts call for bigger solutions. And that's why Mightycause created Events. Events on Mightycause are for large-scale peer-to-peer endeavors, where individuals and Teams will be joining forces to raise money for a cause. Events have all the features that make fundraiser pages and Teams so powerful, but with advanced participant management, registration, ticketing (through our Eventbrite integration), and leaderboards built to allow individuals and groups to compete to raise the most money. 

Event pages are perfect for charity walks, family fun runs, board fundraising challenges, workplaces, schools, and more.

Eventbrite Integration

Mightycause built an integration with Eventbrite to make managing ticketing and registration easy as can be. Users can connect their Event to their Eventbrite account to get real-time updates to registration, ticket sales, and more. 


Learn More About Peer-to-Peer

If you'd like to learn more about peer-to-peer fundraising, we wrote the book on it. Literally. Download our peer-to-peer fundraising ebook to get the scoop on how peer-to-peer works, what makes a campaign successful, and how to incorporate peer-to-peer in year-round fundraising. 

Download our handbook for free, and start peer-to-peer fundraising like a pro.

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What is peer-to-peer fundraising? 

Peer-to-peer fundraising (often abbreviated to P2P) is a fundraising technique where a nonprofit leverages existing supporters to bring in new supporters. In a peer-to-peer campaign, enthusiastic supporters act as proxy fundraisers. In a traditional fundraising campaign, a nonprofit organization asks the public for donations directly. But in a peer-to-peer campaign, an individual (or a group of them) creates and runs a fundraiser on behalf of an organization, asking their friends, family, and social network to support their endeavor by making a donation.

Most peer-to-peer fundraising involves creating a page for the fundraiser on a platform such as Mightycause. This page is connected to the nonprofit, but run by the supporter who is fundraising on behalf of the nonprofit. This helps the nonprofit reach beyond their existing base of supporters. 

What are the benefits of peer-to-peer?

The biggest benefit of peer-to-peer fundraising is donor acquisition. When a nonprofit fundraises directly, they rely heavily upon their existing network or donors. Peer-to-peer gives them access to people in their network's network. And in doing so, it expands the number of people the nonprofit is able to reach. For nonprofits struggling to figure out how to build their donor base, having their existing supporters reach out to like-minded people through a peer-to-peer campaign is an obvious solution. 

As it turns out, many people are simply more likely to make a donation when they are being asked by someone they know and trust. One study found that people were much more likely to give to a university when asked by a former roommate. Fundraising is a social activity, at its heart, and the connection between social ties and philanthropy are well-known. People trust their friends, family, and colleagues more than they trust an organization. So, perhaps counterintuitively, members of a nonprofit's supporter base are often better at convincing people to give that the organization itself. 

Many nonprofits use peer-to-peer as an addition to their fundraising efforts, which helps increase the amount they raise overall. Peer-to-peer can increase the impact and reach of traditional fundraising campaigns. And, as a bonus, it's fun for supporters! Because fundraising is a social activity, it's exciting for people to be able to discuss a cause they care about with their social network. Peer-to-peer provides a fulfilling experience for supporters, which helps strengthen the relationship between them and the nonprofit they support.

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