Fundraising Participant Toolkit for Teams & Events



Participating in a Team or Event fundraiser is a fun, collaborative way to raise funds and awareness for the causes you care about. But if you're new to online fundraising, it can feel daunting! What do you do first? Where do you promote your fundraiser? How do you compel your social network to support your efforts? 

Mightycause wants you to be successful and feel empowered as a Team or Event participant. So, we created a toolkit to answer all of your burning questions about running your fundraiser and arm you with the information you need to succeed! The Participating Fundraiser Toolkit will help you get you on the road to raising money for your favorite cause, climb the leaderboards, and reach out to your friends and family for support. 

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What You'll Find Inside


The Participating Fundraiser Toolkit includes: 

  • Your fundraising checklist -- your roadmap to fundraising success
  • Email templates -- to help you rally support, at every stage of your fundraiser
  • Social media templates -- copy-paste and customize for social media posts built by Mightycause's fundraising experts
  • Curated support articles -- to help you find the info you need, when you need itMightycause Support LibraryMightycause Support LibraryMightycause Support Library


Get Support

As a participant, you have free access to this toolkit, but that's not all. Mightycause's support team is here to help you throughout your campaign!


Mightycause Support Library

Access the answers you need on your schedule with our comprehensive support library. Our toolkit contains the key support articles you'll need to access as a participant in a Team or Event, but what if you need help with your user account? Or, what if your donors need help with a receipt? You can access and search our full support library to get quick help for any questions that arise during your campaign.


Get One-on-One Help

Sometimes you need help beyond what a toolkit or support article can provide. We get that! And our support team is here to help. If you need any help with your fundraiser, contact our friendly support agents for assistance. 

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