An all-in-one nonprofit fundraising suite.

Manage all your online nonprofit fundraising needs in one place, from a donation page for your website, best in class peer-to-peer fundraising tools, a built-in CRM system and more.

Easy to use donor management tools with customizable reporting and analytics

Safe, secure and customizable processing via fundraising page, embeddable donation form on your website and text-to-give

Activate your supporters with powerful peer-to-peer, team and event fundraising

What you get with nonprofit fundraising on Mightycause:

  • Organization Profile page for year-round giving
  • Unlimited fundraising campaigns
  • Unlimited peer-to-peer, team, and event fundraising
  • Embeddable donation form and donation widget for your website
  • Matching grants creation and management
  • Customizable donation experience
  • Recurring donation management
  • Real-time donation reports
  • CRM donor management
  • Detailed fundraising analytics
  • Text to give fundraising
  • Volunteer management

If you are a licensed nonprofit, you already have a home on Mightycause.

Nonprofit fundraising made easy and affordable.

On Mightycause, your organization will enjoy a full suite of powerful nonprofit fundraising tools, at a fraction of the cost of other options.

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Essentials for $59/month

Integrate donation processing onto your website, or use your Mightycause profile page to fundraise. Engage your supporters with user-friendly peer-to-peer and team fundraising, and use automated donor data and donation reports for basic customer relationship management.

Advanced for $99/month

Run a giving day with event fundraising, and list opportunities with volunteer management tools. Customizable reporting and fundraising analytics work alongside an intuitive and built-in advanced CRM system to easily track, manage, and engage with your donors.

Explore Advanced features

Features to fit every style of nonprofit fundraising.

A powerful and intuitive fundraising dashboard

A powerful and intuitive fundraising dashboard.

You have a lot to manage when it comes to nonprofit fundraising, and it only makes sense to take care of business in one place.

One dashboard gives you an overview of what you've achieved and houses dedicated settings and management pages for you to customize donation experiences, set up matches, view reports, export data, contact supporters, and plan your next move. Your Mightycause account is always at the core of your workflow.

The details of every campaign, donor, and transaction are reported for you, so you have everything you need to engage with your base and continue to grow.


Go with the flow.

The safe and secure donation checkout flow on Mightycause has been thoughtfully developed in many forms, from a donate button, embeddable widget or fully customizable and embeddable donation form for your website. Process one-time and recurring and text-to-give donations, and customize the donor experience from start to finish to perfect your nonprofit fundraising.

Go with the flow

From your dashboard, launch into campaign management for peer-to-peer fundraisers, team fundraising, and event fundraising. Use matching grants and text-to-give services to make supporting your campaigns even more exciting.

Campaign Management
Matching Grants

Your profile is a home for year-round support, metrics, and engagement.

Your organization profile becomes an all-in-one fundraising website for building a new community or fostering an existing donor base.

From one page, supporters see your brand, learn about your mission, and find many avenues for contribution, with the perfect balance of structure and customization.

  • Encourage both one-time and recurring direct donations, and peer-to-peer campaign creation.
  • Use in-line text and content editing for mission statements, current events, and media galleries.
  • Elect to set a fundraising goal, and show enticing metrics like donor count and amount raised.
  • Use it as a portal for highlighting campaigns and causes that directly support your nonprofit. Giving is a click away.

If you are a licensed nonprofit, you already have a home on Mightycause.

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We believe that the tools to build campaigns and the knowledge to run them should go hand in hand. The Mightycause team is dedicated to offering personalized support alongside a library of nonprofit fundraising tips and advice through our blog, ebooks and webinars.

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