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The GLRC story begins in the mid 1970's with a establishment of seperate men's and women's halfway houses in Marquette, MI.  In the early 1980s project ReHab out of Grand Rapids teamed up with these two houses to create a newly accredited organization known as Rehab North.  They combined the two adult houses into what is currently known as Adult Residential Services in Marquette and they moved their Youth Residential Services facility to Marquette, creating what is still the only treatment facility that focuses on the unique needs of adolescents age 12-17 within 500 miles.  In the 90's, the Men's and Women's New Hope Houses in Sault Ste. Marie joined ReHab North.  In 1994 Great Lakes Recovery Centers was officially born when ReHab North split from Project ReHab in Grand Rapids to become more autonomous in financial management and operations.  To this day, GLRC and Project ReHab maintain a good relationship, sharing referrals and working together to help the citizens of thier respective regions.  

Outpatient services in Marquette and Sault Ste. Marie were also added in the 90's.  Since then, we have taken on responsibility for providing treatment and prevention services for substance abuse and mental health disorders in a total of 11 communities in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  

At GLRC, we take a holistic approach in addressing the societal issues of substance abuse and mental health disorders.  Treatment often involves group and individual therapy as well as vocational and educational referrals, medical referrals, transportation, family involvement, recreation and dozens of dynamic programs designed to keep the client engaged in the process.  Prevention education is focused, not just on the potential results of risky behavior, but on understanding the scientific reasons behind WHY those behaviors are risky.  We understand that recovery is not about a single dose of treatment, but about helping clients to create a new life where they are equipped with the skills to cope with strong emotions and to overcome their own personal addiction triggers.

As we move forward with expanding and enhancing our service offerings, we need the support of individuals and organizations in the communities where we operate and beyond to provide additional resources to help us get the word out about what we offer and to help clients overcome the stigma of having been to treatment.  

We are reaching out to you to encourage you to speak up; to share with us your own stories of recovery; to contribute and show our people that not everybody has given up on them.  A few kind words might just be the positive influence that somebody needs to live another day in recovery.  A few dollars might might buy a book, or print a brochure or hire another person for another hour and those things might bring those words to one more person who really needs to hear them. 

Treatment works.  People recover.  You can help.    

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