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Our Mission:

To spread the gospel, make disciples, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, plant churches, build houses, and provide education and training in order to improve the quality of life for the mountain people of Honduras.


Story of the Dakins, Founders of AMOR:

In January of 2005, the Dakins took their first mission trip to Honduras. During their trip, they felt God’s call  for them to dedicate their lives to serving the people of Honduras. Nine  years later, the Dakins are full-time missionaries in the mountainous regions of Honduras. Together, with their adopted Honduran son, Ever, and his wife, Gladis, they are still pursuing the will of God in Honduras!


About AMOR:

The typical monthly schedule for AMOR includes the orchestrating of 4-5 mountain school feedings, 12 medical clinics, 16 church services, 4 prayer meetings, and many other activities such as workshops, trade classes, and childcare services that contribute to the mental, physical, and spiritual health of the 16 Honduran communities that we serve.


Daily Needs: AMOR is a nonprofit organization. The cost of day-to-day living in Honduras in on the rise, and the daily operations of AMOR are directly dependent on the donations that we receive on a regular basis. Expenses that might be paid for from donating to our daily needs would include the costs of electricity, cooling, and water bills for the facilities and churches; food and healthcare for our staff; and the maintenance of our transportation vehicles.


Mountain School Feedings: Though living the living conditions of the mountain people have improved since our first arrival in 2006, there are still many who live in devastating poverty. Many children would go without food, if it were not for the weekly feedings that AMOR holds at various mountain schools. Cumulatively, we work to feed over 200 children on a regular, weekly, basis.


The Medical Clinic: AMOR opened it's first medical clinic on the Ocotal Mountain in (YEAR). Employed at the Ocotal Medical clinic is Dr. Glenn Gonzales, AMOR's paid practitioner. Dr. Glenn works with AMOR to provide free medical care for the mountain people. Donations toward the medical clinic help to provide medicines, vaccinations, and treatments to the those who are not able to afford regular medical care.


Mountain Child Sponsorship: Over the past year, sponsors who are associated with AMOR have helped to place 63 children in school. Many of the mountain children will graduate with degrees that will help them break the cycle of poverty in their family history. Assisting us in sponsoring the children of the mountain helps to not only place the children in school, but also to provide them with everyday items such as clothing, books, and toys.


Current Projects: As previously mentioned, AMOR works to complete various projects along side their regularly occurring operations. These projects can range from building a house or church, to renovating the mission base or financially adopting a child from a local family home. We cover each one of our project ideas in a blanket of prayer before asking for donations from supporters like you. If you would like more information on the current events of AMOR, we have several media outlets that help our supporters to keep up with us.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AaronsMissionAndOutreach

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HondurasAMOR

Main website: http://www.aaronsmissionoutreach.com/

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