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Abel's House started from a prayer and a dream. The founder Monica has brain surgery in 2011 and prayed and prayed that god keeps her on earth so she can service others in his name. In August 2012 Abel's House Inc. opened. We work with people others wont. We want them to feel care and love in whatever they are going through. Monica and people she entrusted on this mission have never stopped enacting this mission.

Every one is a human. Everyone was born into the world to be in gods image. We all need to understand that we all are equal. 

Regardless of their circumstances. 

Understand anyone homeless, in prison, addicted to drugs and or suffering from mental illness....NO ONE IS IMMUNE!! Help us help them. This isn't for nothing. 

We do what Jesus would expect. We help people who are in situation that they need help to get out of. That's whats going to save our nation our Love and respect for each other no matter what!! 

When someone arrives at Abel's House their needs are met. If they are hungry they get food, if they need shoes they will get shoes, if they need anything we will work with them to ensure they get it. Abel's House is based on christian principals so the men can teach their children a positive way of life.


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