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Children are the silent victims of COVID-19.

The effects of COVID-19 on the elderly and workforce have been widely publicized, but the severity of the pandemic’s effects on children—particularly those with disabilities and special needs—have drawn little public attention, leaving our children to suffer in silence.

Disparities in wealth and educational opportunities have been exacerbated by the pandemic. Children from low-income families and students with disabilities lack access to services and programs needed to support their learning, health, and developmental needs.


Nicole's Story
Luis's Story
Nicole has learning and health impairments. Her speech therapy and physical therapy ceased when schools abruptly closed last March. Virtual services proved an inadequate substitution. Nicole's progress and demeanor digressed quickly. Her parents contacted Academic Success Advocates for help.  We located providers willing to deliver speech and physical therapy in the home and negotiated home-bound instructional support with the school until Nicole can return to campus.  There are others like Nicole who still need help.
Luis was a straight A student until COVID-19. His school loaned him a laptop when they sent students home to learn online, but internet was a luxury his mom couldn't afford as a single parent making minimum wage. Unable to access his online classroom or emails, Luis failed the semester. We believe every child deserves the proper tools to learn. We negotiated a significant reduction in internet fees with a local provider and used donations to offset the remaining costs for Luis's family.  Luis is now hard at work, aiming for straight A's again.

You can help us change the story of children like Nicole and Luis.

The COVID Support Project

Collaborative Outreach Via Individual Donations

Academic Success Advocates is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity that provides advocacy and support services to families of children with disabilities, limited English proficiency, and regular education students having difficulty in school. During this unprecedented time, we seek to unite the community in a cooperative outreach project aimed to counteract the negative effects of COVID-19 on its silent victims— our children.

The COVID Support Project is a special outreach effort to support less fortunate children and families who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic.  The vision of the project is to reduce disparities in availability and access to quality education programs, community resources, and health services for special needs and disadvantaged children. 

Project Goals
Project Background
  1. Advocate for programs, services, and resources to address emergent needs and counteract the negative impact of disruptions caused by COVID-19.  
  2.  Develop a collaborative network of local agencies and providers willing to donate or significantly reduce service fees (e.g., therapy, counseling, evaluations, etc.) to accommodate the needs of disabled and disadvantaged students impacted by COVID-19.
  3.  Increase access to appropriate educational tools and resources (e.g., low-cost internet, hot spots, assistive technology, etc.) for special needs and disadvantaged students by raising monetary and in-kind donations to offset costs.

There is a persistent national trend of overrepresentation of minority and low-income students in special education programs.

  • Children of low-income families are more often diagnosed with intellectual disabilities than their peers.
  • Minorities are represented in ESE programs more than any other group.
  • Black students are placed in more restrictive environments.

With COVID-19 further exacerbating existing disparities, the COVID Support Project seeks to help level the playing field for marginalized students.

Uniting Community

Academic Success Advocates is committed to the goals of the COVID Support Project, but we can't do it alone.  You can support our efforts by making a donation to our COVID Support Project.  Your donation will bring us one step closer to achieving our vision and making a powerful difference in the life of a child.  "It takes a village to raise a child." Be part of our village.

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