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While serving as Council Chairman over the Department of Human Services for The District of Columbia Government, Mr. HR Crawford received a call from a group of concerned citizens.  The group called to request assistance with relocating a large group of homeless people that had established themselves under a bridge in the Georgetown section of DC.


Upon arrival at the site, Mr. HR. Crawford was astonished by the people’s ingenuity and survival skills.  Much to his amazement, the group had connected electricity to supply lighting and power to cooking utensils; such as hotplates, coffee pots and the like.  Once he had said hello, the group of people invited him to have a meal with them.


Mr. HR Crawford noted that the majority of the inhabitants were Veterans.  Homeless Veterans who had sacrificed life and limb for our Country’s freedom.  This group living under the bridge consisted of people with many diverse stories; but, all had the same dire conclusion…they were still at war---this time fighting to survive homelessness and all the struggles that go along with it.


After spending some time listening to the experiences and stories of this unique group of people, Mr. HR Crawford had the sad task of having to ask them to leave.  As a result, this unsettling task served as the catalyst that gave birth to the Access Housing, Inc.’s Southeast Veterans Service Center in Southeast Washington, DC.


The AHI’s Southeast Veterans Service Center programs focus totally on the formerly

homeless.  Mr. HR Crawford provides oversight and guidance to the facility’s staff and operations.  To date, the Southeast Veterans Service Center has provided the supportive services that has helped to successfully “launch” more than 1,000 Veterans back into their communities.



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