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When you support the ACLU of Georgia, you're aligning your truths with those that we believe all Georgians should be guaranteed.

We envision a state that guarantees all persons the civil rights and liberties contained in the United States and Georgia Constitutions and Bill of Rights.

To achieve that, the ACLU of Georgia defends the rights and liberties of all Georgians through legal action, legislative and community advocacy, and civic education and engagement. We are an inclusive, nonpartisan, statewide organization powered by members, donors and active volunteers.


  1. Liberty and Justice: All people are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and have equality under the law.
  2. Democracy and Patriotism: The United States must live out the true meaning of its creed, that all people are created equal. All individuals should have their voices heard and be able to participate in our political process. We both celebrate and strive to understand different perspectives, allowing us to stand united.
  3. Nonpartisanship: Our work is guided by our principles, without regard to political party or personality.
  4. Equity and Inclusion: We create a culture of belonging for all within our organization, one that respects and embraces differences, treats people equitably, and empowers staff and our Board to do their best possible work.
  5. Integrated Advocacy: We are resolute in our convictions and will utilize the most effective and efficient tactics to further our mission. We will center those most impacted by our work and work with an array of coalition partners.


All of this is hard work. And if you're still reading this, we're glad you're in this with us. Democracy advances when individuals stand up for their rights and the rights of others. Powered by tens of thousands of members and donors across the state, we continue to add to our scope, make greater, more meaningful change, and help those who are being disenfranchised, judicially ignored, and politically overwritten.


If these issues excite you -- let's talk! This is where we focus our attention, where we see the biggest opportunities to advance racial and systemic justice across Georgia. Watch the video below to see our team at work.


This year we celebrate 60 years as an organization. Today, will you make a gift of $60 ($5/month) or another amount significant to you?

By donating to the ACLU of Georgia, you help protect our fundamental rights, making a tangible difference in the fairness and inclusivity of our electoral processes. Together, we can fortify the foundations of democracy and pave the way for a more just and equitable future for all Georgians.



Georgians care about this election, they are showing up, and that gives us hope. Nearly six years ago, the ACLU of Georgia made access to the vote our leading issue and we saw the number of Georgians voting increase in each election.

We prepared for this election for over a year – recruiting thousands of poll workers who have been willing to spend long days at the polls, solving problems and generally making voting go smoothly, working with county election boards to make sure elections are well-run and fair, connecting with young voters who are now showing up to vote in large numbers, blocking attempts to remove 57,300 voters from the roles without cause, going to court to fight gerrymandering, traveling to Georgia to talk with voters about the issues they care most about and how to protect them. We were right to keep our eyes on voting. And we will keep fighting for access to the ballot for every citizen in Georgia until voting is easy and accessible for everyone.

Voting rights need constant tending and constant protection. Join us to ensure every Georgia voter can cast their ballot, this month and every year ahead of us.

Please give today.  

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