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“We have said publicly before God, our family and our friends that we love each other and are committed to one another and our children. At this moment, I want to spend time loving my children and my wife while knowing that should I die, they will be cared for. By not recognizing my family, Nebraska is making a difficult situation much more difficult emotionally and financially.” – Sally Waters, ACLU of Nebraska Client

Sally and her wife Susan are facing stage four breast cancer knowing that when Sally passes away, Susan will have to pay an 18% inheritance tax on their home while holding a death certificate saying her wife of nearly two decades is single. Along with six other same-sex couples, they have sued the state of Nebraska to have their relationships recognized. They represent thousands of same-sex couples who could benefit from the ACLU’s work as well as many more Nebraskans who choose to leave our state rather than live where their family won’t be recognized.

Join the over 2,000 members and supporters of the ACLU’s work in Nebraska and help us protect fundamental freedoms and Nebraska’s motto of “equality before the law.”

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