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In a world with multiple options for grocery stores, it is hard to imagine the food insecurity taking place in our own borders.  

Our Native American brothers and sisters struggle to continue a traditional lifestyle in our time, in our country. The Elders of the Navajo nation live in remote areas in the traditional way they have been living for hundreds of years.

The Navajo are traditional sheep herders with an economic system based on agriculture and ranching.  The Elders become to old to care for sheep and lose their livelihood. 

They experience food insecurity as they are no longer able to live on income from sheep.  Many still try to weave with few oppotunities to sell their rugs at reasonable prices.  

This is where Adopt-A-Native-Elder began.  The program delivers food, medical supplies, clothing, and basic necessities twice a year to the remote locations of the reservation.  Without ANE, Elders would struggle to get to stores hours away and eat healthy food at low cost.

ANE then further supports the Elders by purchasing their rugs at full cost.  The rugs are put on our website and in our annual Rug Show to sell to the community.  This gives the Elders the respect and dignity they deserve and an income they desperately need.

Elders often send letters thanking everyone for the simple necessities we take for granted. The Elders struggle with family far away to find work. They are left alone with little support and ability to travel. They shower prayers and gratitude for the sponsors sending food certificates, firewood, and supplies.  Something as simple as a box of matches makes their lives much easier.

Your donation goes to support the needs of the Elders age 75 to 100+.  They need your donation for firewood to heat their homes and cook, and for food certificates to buy healthy food to manage diabetes and heart disease.

Imagine your grandparent living hours from town and with no transportation.  We have the privilege and opportunity to take care of the forgotten Elderly of the Navajo nation. 

Help us take care of our Elders and help them age in place on their sacred land.








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