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Did you know that refugees are the pilgrims of this generation?   Just as many of our country's forefathers came to the New World to escape persecution so do the refugees that come to our country today.  Whether it is for religious, ethnic or political reasons they come with  little possessions but with a big  hope of a better future for themselves and their families.  

ECDC African Community Center works to support refugees in all aspects of Refugee Resettlement from picking them up at the airport and taking them  to their new home to learning English and finding a job.   The funds refugees receive from the government are limited and last only from 3-5months.  Can you  imagine learning a new language, culture, city and job within 3 months?  

Although refugees are some of the hardest working members of our community, often working multiple jobs just to survive & take care of themselves and their families,  sometimes they need temporary assistance to cover their rent, utilities or help with a bus pass.  

 HELP US RAISE $5000  to support Refugee Resettlement!   Your donation communicates more than just a boost to their individual economic situation.  It lets them know that you care and that they are welcome members of the Las Vegas community.  

Thank you for blessing the new arrivals to our community!

Happy Holidays!

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Children & Family Community Humanitarian Aid


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