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Here are the words of one eleven-year-old girl (a child formerly in foster care) in an essay about her adopted mother:

"My Mother to Me"

"A mother to me is someone special, someone who is ready to open their hearts to their children and care for them.  Someone ready to dedicate their life to help another that they love.

To me my mother is like air to a person, a beat to a heart, my mother to me is hope.  When I'm down my mother's there encouraging me that things will get better.  Even if it takes a long time for things to get better, my mom's hand is with mine the whole time.  If you can't think of that, kinda think like a superhero saving your life all the time and never give up.  Also think even if they're sick, they need more help than you do, they're still there to catch your fall.  No matter what my mother's there.

To me my mother is someone to be proud of.  My mother taught me how to be kind.  She taught me how to be open minded and caring and most of all she taught me how to love.  She didn't give up on teaching me this stuff either and trust me when I say it's hard work.  I'm very stubborn and yet she was patient.  I was rude yet she was respectful, for she is someone to look up to."

No one could say it better.

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