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Focusing on communities with pressing human needs, Creative Learning enhances the capacity of local organizations around the world to improve the lives of people in their communities. Through the creation of people-to-people partnerships, we are especially dedicated to protecting human rights, supporting economic and social development, and building peace.


We promise technical excellence, direct communication, teamwork, and self-respect. We celebrate differences in individuals and cultures. We believe in empowering people by providing them with opportunities and skills to help themselves. We promise to deliver the best possible service to all of our stakeholders, including beneficiaries, donors and project partners


America’s Unofficial Ambassadors (AUA) is a citizen diplomacy initiative dedicated to increasing the number of Americans who volunteer in the Muslim World. From archaeologists to engineers, Unofficial Ambassadors volunteer with grassroots organizations in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to meet some of the Muslim World’s most urgent development needs in areas such as education, youth services, and civil society.

As volunteers, Unofficial Ambassadors form people-to-people partnerships through their service that build cooperation between America and the Muslim World. Upon their return, volunteers work to foster cross-cultural understanding at home by sharing their experiences with the public through blogs and community presentations.

Under AUA, School-2-School (S2S) is a unique program that fosters global awareness and mutual understanding by connecting American students to their peers in a school in the Muslim World and raising funds to help schools in need. Students engage in a virtual exchange that empowers them to learn about each other and overcome stereotypes. American schools also raise money to purchase vital supplies for their partner schools abroad, ranging from books and paper to computers and lab equipment. In addition to supporting AUA’s peace-building mission, S2S has also directly benefited more than a thousand students in Afghanistan, Iraq, The Philippines, Panama, Uganda, Bolivia, and Jordan.

Aid to Artisans (ATA) creates opportunities for low-income artisans around the world to build profitable businesses inspired by handmade traditions. We offer access to new markets, business training, eco-effective processes and design innovation through a network of partners to promote sustainable growth and community well-being. ATA joined Creative Learning in October 2012 with plans to to strengthen and expand its ability to implement artisan development initiatives worldwide.

ATA has spent 35 years improving the lives of over a hundred thousand artisans in more than 110 remote countries where their livelihoods, communities and craft traditions are at risk. Over the past 10 years, ATA’s efforts leveraged nearly $245 million in retail sales. This income has empowered 125,000 artisans in 41 emerging regions of the world to improve their own lives, the lives of their families, and their communities. Over 70% of the artisans ATA works with are women.

ATA currently works in 12 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America: Benin, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Chad, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti  Morocco, Mali, Mexico and Tibet.

Civic Engagement for Transparency and Accountability Project (CETA) in Egypt serves to empower local organizations to empower citizens. Two years ago, Egyptians called for change. Today these citizens are still struggling for democracy, freedom and justice. This revolution witnessed a high rate of participation of women and men from different cultural, social and economic backgrounds, and Egyptians remain committed to building a new democratic society. After long decades of corruption and dictatorship, Egyptians are looking for tools and mechanisms to enable them to hold their representatives and executives accountable, and to play a leading role in discussing and drafting the plans and needs of their local communities.

With an emphasis on women and youth, CETA will help Egyptian citizens to more effectively and sustainably exercise their democratic rights. Despite participation in various elections during the past 18 months, citizens still lack the civic and political knowledge and awareness necessary to enable them to effectively make knowledgeable decisions at the polls, hold those they elect accountable, and work effectively to promote their interests with public officials, particularly on the local level. This is particularly true of women and youth who lack experience on how to join the decision-making process.

Creative Learning is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization based in Washington DC.

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