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AKATIA: A Beacon of Hope for Endangered Primates in Côte d'Ivoire

In 2017, a tragic event paved the way for hope and salvation for the endangered primates of Côte d'Ivoire. Following the heart-rending death of Nemley Junior, a baby chimpanzee rescued by Interpol but tragically lost due to the lack of appropriate care facilities, Estelle Raballand and Sarah Crawford felt compelled to act. They established Akatia. Today, Akatia shines as the sole sanctuary for primates in Côte d'Ivoire, uniquely protecting two magnificent forests: Yapo Abbe and Comoe 1.

The chimpanzee sanctuary human camp in Comoe1

Over the past two decades, the wild chimpanzee population in West Africa has witnessed a staggering decline of over 80%. Côte d'Ivoire has faced an even grimmer reality: a 90% dip in just 18 years, primarily due to threats from bushmeat trading and habitat destruction. Amidst this dire situation, Akatia stands as a crucial line of defense, working alongside other significant sanctuaries like the Chimpanzee Conservation Center in Guinea and Tacugama in Sierra Leone.

Sanctuaries like Akatia become not just a haven for these endangered beings but a driving force for broader biodiversity conservation.

Our Objectives

Offer refuge and rehabilitation to trafficked chimps, reintroducing them to social groups and protecting forests.

Engage communities, highlighting the vital importance of wildlife and the looming environmental threats.

Intensify forest monitoring and protection initiatives.

Enrich the local economy through job creation and food procurement.

Enhance protective measures for chimps and other endangered species, ensuring their survival and well-being.

The Bigger Picture

Akatia stands out as Côte d'Ivoire's singular champion for chimpanzees and endangered primates. Our mission transcends mere rescue and rehabilitation; it's a comprehensive approach to conservation, prioritizing not just young chimps but adults as well. As of August 2023, we care for seven rescued orphaned chimpanzees and 10 forest monkeys.

This year we welcomed Jules, 3 years old and Judith, 29 years old.

Meet Jules

Last year, a fundraiser was created during Giving Day for Apes to rescue an adult female living alone in a cage. We did it! Thanks to you.  Her name isn't Jane but Judith ;-)

We will post videos on our social media on October 3rd 2023 for Giving Day for Apes 2023, of her move, the long journey to bring her safely to our sanctuary and show you how she is doing now. So stay tune and don't forget to share, tag, like and support us.

This year we will also go back to Akouba's tremendous journey. She is our spotlight this year! 


Your support is invaluable. The monthly operating costs for each sanctuary amount to just $2,500. Every dollar you contribute goes a long way, ensuring that these sanctuaries remain a beacon of hope for Côte d'Ivoire's primates. 

If we reach our fundraising goal, we can cover all our running costs for three months.

By supporting Akatia, we collectively pave the path towards a brighter, sustainable future for Côte d'Ivoire and its incredible wildlife.

Stand with us on this Giving Day for Apes on Mightycause.

Every dollar, 

Every share, 

Every act of kindness counts. 

Together, let's champion a world where these intelligent, complex, kind beings thrive.


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