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Most of us probably take our sight for granted, but have you stopped to think what it would be like if you couldn't see? Could you still do your job? Your hobbies? Get dressed in the morning or cook for your family? What if you didn't have the ability to access the visual memories you have now like: children smiling from opening a present, the vast scenery during a long road trip, the sunrise piercing through the dark skies...or simple enough of what you even look like. 

The Alabama Eye Bank has the unique job of helping victims of corneal blindness find sight. As the only Eye Bank in Alabama, we’re available 24 hours a day to respond when a healthcare facility, such as a hospital, calls to say a donor or their family decided to provide the Gift of Sight. Immediately the Eye Bank dispatches a technician to surgically retrieve the cornea, an amazing tissue that can be used to replace a cornea that has been injured or diseased. Following retrieval, the Eye Bank carefully evaluates the tissue and distributes it to a corneal surgeon who will transplant it as soon as possible.

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