Alexandria Seaport Foundation

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Through the building and use of wooden boats, the Alexandria Seaport Foundation helps at-risk young people turn their lives around, providing them the job skills, social skills, and educational tools needed to become responsible citizens.

Apprentice Program

Apprentice Testimonies:

"The Seaport Foundation has given me a chance for redemption in a really bad situation.  It puts one in a position to create a positive life for himself."

                                                 -Current Apprentice 


"Alexandria Seaport Foundation has helped me become the best version of myself."

                                                  -Current Apprentice


"ASF has provided me the environment I needed to succeed...a safe haven in which to make progress."

                                                   -Current Apprentice


"The Seaport Foundation has helped me more than I could have ever known.  I was given hope when I had none; I was given purpose when I had none.  I was given a chance when I thought I had used the last of them up."

                                                 -Graduate Apprentice

"All I can say is 'thank you' to the people at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation for never giving up on me and giving me the opportunity to grow as a person and a worker."

                                          -Graduate Apprentice


"When I first came to Seaport I was in and out of trouble doing drugs, running the streets. I didn't care how other people felt about me or what they thought.  ASF helped me stay focused on the things I needed to do to better myself and actually be someone in life.  It took a lot of hard work and dedication from me and Seaport, but it paid off."

                                              -Graduate Apprentice

Middle School Math Program


  • 98% of participants meet program goals.
  • 87% of participants in ASF's Middle School Math Program improve in math.
  • Project-based learning engages students who have not been successful in traditional classroom settings
  • Success in math translates to success in other academic subjects.

National Recognition and Awards 

  • CNN Giving in Focus
  • NBC Making a Difference
  • CBS Evening News
  • Washingtonian
  • Catalogue for Philanthropy
  • Alexandria Philanthropy Summit (2009) Nonprofit Leader of the Year

It costs $35,000 to put one apprentice through our seven-month program. The success of ASF's programs relies upon contributions from individual donors, corporations, foundations and government grants.


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