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Since 1953, the mission of Alleghany Highlands Arts Council has been "to provide the highest quality, professional performing arts events to our community and to introduce the performing arts to area youth through presentations of music, theatre and dance". Our further purpose is to cultivate and nurture talent within our own community as well as broaden exposure to other cultures, ideas, and traditions. The Arts Council works to remove barriers that would narrow access to the performing arts. Programming is chosen to appeal to many different tastes while occasionally exposing our audience to art forms they may not have known previously. Admission costs are kept as affordable as possible to allow access to anyone who wants to enjoy a performance. Our major programs are:

*             An annual Performing Arts Series features multi-discipline performances by national and international artists. This programming consists of a mixture of                 different types of dance, theatre, and music representing varied cultures and art forms. The through-line is excellence.

*             The Sara Lu Snyder School Performance  Series for area students,  is presented annually during the school day with performances for students in grades                     K-12. Home school and alternative school students are included as well.

*             Artist Residencies allow visiting artists to reach into our community and truly connect with the audience in their workplaces, churches, fitness centers,                       libraries or even at the local pub. The exchange of cultures and mindsets leave a powerful impact on each side of the exchange of ideas and experiences .

*             Workshops, clinics and master classes conducted by guest artists help teach professional technique at a local level.

*             Sponsorship of Alleghany Highlands Chorale and  Alleghany Community Theatre nurture local talent and build a strong arts community.

*             Missoula Children's Theatre gives children the opportunity, annually,  to participate in a week-long theatrical residency which culminates in a  musical                         production.  Urban and rural kids, separated by age, gender, ethnicity, or school district, enthusiastically bond together to accomplish a common goal. 

*             Performing events of all genres are offered from opera to blue grass, local, national and international artists. Truly Arts4All.

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