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Consider becoming a sustainable donor with Allied Churches! We need on-giong support from our community members to be able to continue doing the work that we do. We invite you to become a monthly donor by clicking the "donate" button, selecting an amount, and clicking the "donate monthly" tab. 

ACAC believes the safe and trusting space created by our staff in our facilities. We facilitate connecting to resources, access to education, food assistance, emergency shelter, and custom supportive services catered to every individual's needs.  Equipped with the tools of self-knowledge and support, our residents CAN  become healthy, productive members of our community.

ACAC Values


  • To provide a safe and peaceful community for the risk/homeless to live, grow and build relationships; a place where someone will listen to them, guide them, teach them, and encourage them.


  • To generate the knowledge and hope that everyone can achieve their dreams and goals by providing opportunities to show them how they can create positive change.


  • To create a caring place where all are loved, respected and encouraged with the dignity they deserve no matter who they are, where they came from, or what they did;


  • To cultivate an environment where all are empowered to “reach for the stars” with the tools, support and encouragement to do so; a chance to actually realize a bright future.

ACAC Vision

  • To continue to be creative, innovative, and adaptable to meet the needs of all who enter our doors;
  • To maintain a work environment that allows our staff to use their unique talents and skills to serve our guests;
  • To maintain a cost-effective organization that is able to use the funds provided to us by our charitable donors to achieve organizational goals for our consumers;
  • To be recognized by the city of Burlington and the state of North Carolina as a premier example of an organization addressing the immediate needs of our homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless, enabling them to become productive members of society.

ACAC Philosophy

ACAC staff builds trusting relationships with the homeless who utilize our services. This trusting relationship is at the heart of the work that can be done with any individual or collectively as a group. It is the hard work of ACAC staff and the absolute privilege that we are given to have the opportunity to teach interpersonal / social skills to thrive in our community. Everything that happens in the Center can provide a teaching tool for conflict resolution, respect, etc.

ACAC Beliefs

ACAC believes everyone deserves:

  • a safe place to live and grow;
  • an opportunity to explore and develop;
  • a chance to be a productive member of society;
  • someone to listen to them, to guide them, to teach them, encourage them, show them right from wrong;
  • to be loved and cared for.


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Allied Churches of Alamance County Inc

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