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The Altamont School (Birmingham, AL) offers a tradition of academic excellence in an atmosphere that evokes pride and loyalty.  Altamont is a small family (313 students) with socio-economic, ethnic, and religious diversity. Altamont has an intensive college preparatory academic program with a personalized college search program, including an annual college tour.

Students receive a robust experience both inside and outside the classroom. They are immersed in a community which nurtures their intellect, pushes them on the athletic field, encourages them in the art studio and on the stage, and prepares them to be our future leaders and scholars.   

These hallmarks of an Altamont education are made possible by your support. The tools with which our students grow and thrive, including the latest technology that literally puts learning at their fingertips, a focus on cross-disciplinary and collaborative learning, an expanding offering of sports and co-curricular activities, and an incredibly dedicated and talented faculty are all enhanced by contributions from donors like you. Your generosity allows us to continue enriching the lives of our students and providing them with an exceptional educational community.

Our students choose to attend Altamont for many reasons, some of which are highlighted below. We hope you will choose to support Altamont for one reason: our students. With your gift, you give each child an opportunity to choose to be the best and brightest he can be.

I choose to attend Altamont because it is a school that encourages thought, stimulates discussion, and opens minds.  -Emory (10th grade)

I choose to attend Altamont because I want to see the world in a different light.  -Miles (7th grade)

I choose to attend Altamont because of the freedom, the education, the teachers' trust, and the Honor Code!   -Josie (8th grade)

I choose Altamont because there is something irreplaceable about having a teacher who genuinely believes that the subject he is teaching, and the student being taught, matter.  -Margaret (12th grade)

I choose to attend Altamont because it gives me the opportunity to challenge myself. -Ali (12th grade)

Altamont constantly pursues excellence in arts, athletics, and academics, and your donation will one day be returned to you through our students’ contributions to the community.  THANK YOU from the students, faculty, staff, and Trustees of Altamont.  YOU are making a positive impact on a child's education. 


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