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What our founder began as a backyard passion in 1977 has grown into the oldest and largest wildlife rehabilitation clinic in the state. The Alabama Wildlife Center is a leader in the rehabilitation of wild birds, and some of the methods
developed here are now used in rehab facilities all over the world.

Although located in the heart of Oak Mountain State Park, the Center is not a government agency; rather it is funded primarily by membership dues, individual donors, and local corporations and foundations. We receive two dollars’ worth of donated goods, services and facilities – including almost 14,000 hours annually of volunteer time – for every cash
dollar we receive.  The largest proportion of our income has historically come from individual donors, including the members of the Board of Directors of the Center who all donate personally to support our work.

AWC's hallmarks are rehabilitation excellence and innovation in reuniting baby birds with their families. We also engage people of all ages in learning about birds and protecting Alabama’s native wildlife.

As cities expand, thousands of our native wild animals are injured or orphaned through encounters with humans and their activities. Many of these suffer the almost equally tragic fate of being found and cared for by compassionate humans with little or no knowledge of proper care.  The Alabama Wildlife Center is working hard to address this problem in the state of Alabama and to contribute to the field of wildlife rehabilitation and education nationwide.

Primary Services

Rehabilitation Clinic

We rescue, rehabilitate and return to the wild Alabama’s injured and orphaned native birds.  Open every day, we receive over 1600 birds each year.

Wildlife Help and Information Line

Free advice and information on how to deal with all kinds of wildlife concerns and emergencies are given to several thousand people from all over the state each year.  Messages are responded to by trained wildlife specialists twelve hours a day every day of the year.  (205 663-7930, Ext. 2)

Wildlife Education

Many learning opportunities are offered:

Online via website and Facebook

Lecture series

Formal and free self-guided tours

Presentations to schools, youth and retirement groups, civic organizations and businesses

Workshops in wildlife rehabilitation

Education programs with our glove-trained birds of prey. 
(205 663-7930, Ext.4)

Statewide Volunteer Raptor Transport

We train and coordinate volunteers to rescue injured and orphaned birds of prey all over Alabama and transport them safely for needed care.

Get Involved


AWC operates almost entirely through voluntary efforts.  Work with compassionate and dedicated like-minded people to keep our mission thriving.  One-of-a-kind experiences await you.  Attend one of our monthly orientations to
learn more about how to get involved. Register for an orientation on-line at


Show your ongoing commitment to helping native birds with your annual membership.  Apply on-line at or call 205 663-7930, Ext. 8.

Engage in Learning and Conservation

Participate in our learning events, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, book a formal tour or schedule a presentation to your civic group. Deepen your understanding and appreciation of native birds and learn how to help protect them.  Call 205 663-7930, Ext. 4 for information on upcoming programs or to book a tour or presentation.

Share and Invest Your Resources

Express your love for nature with donations of money, wish list items, bequests, in-kind professional services, honorary and memorial donations, cause-related marketing, or contact us to learn more about your giving options.  Online at or call 205 663-7930, Ext. 8.

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