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In the early 1990's, the founder moved to this beautiful and wild region. The nearest and only wild animal facility was a small zoo (which is no longer in operation) located across the state line. This North Idaho community had no place to call to answer questions about wild animal behavior or what to do when a wild animal was injured. (Recent reports indicate 80% of rehab case are human caused.)  

That all changed in 2001, the process of creating the first NPO in the panhandle of North Idaho caring directly for injured and orphaned local wildlife began. We are still the only group working to create the first Nature Center.  

American Heritage Wildlife Foundation has federal and state rehabilitation permits to render aid to small mammals and birds. We are also a longstanding member of the National Wildlife Rehabiltators Association.  We do not receive any local, state or federal funding. In 2012, we responded to almost 150 phone calls and assisted just under 100 animals. Total donated hours for the year came to 2,000. We have no paid staff - we are all volunteers! Our budget is close to $10,000 annually.  

We are pursuing purchasing the land we lease and utilizing the buildings for our educational center. Our goal to create the first nature center will not only benefit the helpless injured and orphaned wildlife through round the clock care by paid staff but also provide needed revenue for this small rural community. To do this our budget needs to increase by more than 50%. 

You have the power to present the present as a present to future generations. You can help us preserve what we love - the wild habitat of North Idaho. Every second counts - spread the word or volunteer. Every penny is valuable - donate the amount you are compelled. Help us keep North Idaho WILD!     

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