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The Amery Police K9 Association was founded in 2015 with the hope to one day have an active K9 and K9 Handler to combat the ever-present flow of drugs into our communities, to assist in the search for people when needed and most importantly to create positive community relations between our residents, visitors and law enforcement.

Amery is a small community so funds are limited for the police department.  The Amery Police K9 Association was founded as a non-profit organization to fund the K9 program.  With kind-hearted donations of money and commitments for training, veterinary services, food, kennel and building supplies the search for the right dog began.  The Amery Police K9 Association was looking for a K9 to train, but also one that wouldn't deplete all of the funds that we had raised so far; typically dogs that are bred for K9 training can cost well beyond $4000, not including the cost for training. With that in mind Amery Police K9 Association was commited to finding our K9 among the host of surrendered dogs looking for new homes. After testing multiple dogs we had the tremendous stroke of luck when a one year old German Shepherd named Kerchak was brought to our attention by the wonderful people at Saving Shepherds of Minnesota. Kerchak needed a new home. More importantly, he displayed the behaviors so necessary for K9 training and he was eager to work!

Kerchak's story was quite touching.  Kerchak was brought all the way over from Czechoslovakia to be trained as a special needs service dog by a private party here in the U.S.  Unfortunately it wasn't an ideal fit for them.  In the end the circumstances were right, the match with us seemed fated and Kerchak was eventually donated to the Association by a very generous private party who loves German Shepherds as much as we do and we could not have asked for a better dog!

Officer Kipp Harris is Kerchak's handler and the pair has done an amazing job in their training for drug detection and person tracking.  Kerchack passed his certification test with the United States Police Canine Association in October of 2016 with flying colors by scoring 199 out of 200 points!  Kerchak continues his training on a daily basis and now conducts drug searches in Amery and assists when needed in the surrounding communities.

The Amery Police K9 Association wants to demonstrate how relationships with law enforcement officials can be very positive.  While communities rely on police to "Protect and Serve" in turn the police rely on community support and partnership to provide information about crime and to devise solutions with law enforcement officials that reflect our community values.  People love dogs and they are terrific ice-breakers.  If you have seen Kerchak around town, you will agree that there aren't too many things that are more approachable than a dog with a gentle disposition, a smile on his face, a wagging tail and perked up ears.  Kerchak is our ambassador for positive community relations and he can be seen out and about in Amery and at many community events.  Feel free to ask Officer Harris if he has a couple minutes to chat and Kerchak loves a good belly scratch from any dog-lover nearby and especially a large supply of tennis balls!

The Amery Police K9 Association has truly been blessed by the overwhelming generosity of so many members in our community, but the need for support is ongoing.  Kerchak's training needs will continue throughout his career as a K9.  There are ongoing expenses for medications, supplements, training aides, special outfitting of squads to handle a K9 and the list goes on.  The Amery Police K9 Association is completely funded by donations and is only possible through the generosity of people like you.  Even a small donation is greatly appreciated.  Please remember the Amery Police K9 Association for on April 25th.  Thank you to all that have donated and for your ongoing support.

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