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It Really Does Take a Village

There is an unfortunate misperception about our community—one that we are working hard to address every day. Some people believe that Amherst youth are free from the challenges associated with poverty, drug use, and many other modern-day issues. Unfortunately this is far from the truth and as a result of these trials many young adults don’t have access to the positive experiences, role models, and opportunities they need to shape their futures for the better.

That’s where the Amherst Boys & Girls Club—and community members like you—come in.

For more than 100 years, the Amherst Boys & Girls Club, an unaffiliated, nonprofit association, has provided youngsters ages 9 – 18 with skills, structure, support, and a chance to find their footing as strong, productive individuals. Since our founding we’ve been fortunate, as the selflessness and generosity of Amherst residents has allowed us to continue this mission. With your support, we've been able to introduce kids to new people, new experiences, and new resources that put youth in the best position to discover the people they are meant to be.

Under new leadership, we have more than doubled our membership in the last 2 years, with more than 5,500 visits from local pre-teens and teens. We have high hopes for the future, including moving to a larger, wheelchair accessible space within the next year and expanding our programming to accomodate our tremendous growth. We also plan to join the Boys & Girls Club of America, the well known national organization, which will give us access to support, programming, and financial viablility, as well as allow us to expand our membership further and serve even more youth.

With help from our extended community, all of this and so much more will be possible—your donation is truly an investment in the future of the youth of our area, as well as an investment in our organization. We hope you'll consider contributing to the Amherst Boys & Girls Club today.

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