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Amor Para Todos (APT) is a community-led organization whose mission is to innovate schools and communities to be more gender and LGBTQIA+ inclusive. In Spanish, Amor Para Todos means Love for All. Our vision is that all students, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, feel safe and comfortable at school and in their communities to be their true authentic selves and to express themselves freely, and that they are supported and treated with respect by peers, administrators, teachers, staff, and community members.

We believe when students can be their true authentic selves in a safe and respectful environment that then the extremely high suicide statistics within the LGBTQIA+ community can begin to decline. We are working to combat these suicide statistics.

APT hopes to lead this important movement to educate, protect, and support the LGBTQIA+ student youth population through our Saving Lives Now Project—and hopes to influence other schools and communities within our county, nation, and beyond by serving as a model. 

Saving Lives Now Project: 

To save lives by making our schools more gender & LGBTQIA+ inclusive by adopting and or implementing:

  1. Gender/LGBTQIA+ inclusive/anti-bias professional development trainings for schools: via Welcoming School, and other like trainings.
  2. APT Student Clubs: in elementary schools (2 age groups: K-2nd & 3rd-6th) and beyond. The student-led clubs are a safe space focused where ALL students can be their true authentic selves with a focus on intersectionality and LGBTQIA+ youth. 
  3. Gender restroom signage for all single-stall restrooms in schools and communities that are in compliance with AB 1732 APT has an official sign partner: Sign Optima. They will give a 10% discount to APT referred customers and donate an additional 10% of APT customer proceeds back into APT. All signs have been custom designed to be intersectional. The sign says "All Gender Restroom" in English and Braille with an option to include Spanish. There's a picture of a stick figure moving their arms to move their wheelchair, and the background is black instead of the traditional blue.
  4. School district adoption of a gender inclusive Family Life/Sex Ed curriculum in compliance with the California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA).
  5. School district adoption of a general TK-6th grade gender/LGBTQIA+ inclusive curriculum

Other APT Projects:

  1. Rainbow Colored Crosswalks
  2. Maintaining and sustaining the APT organization
  3. APT apparel and gear

By donating via our Give Out Day link you will directly be a part of saving lives by supporting our mission and vision through all of the above and future projects/plans/ideas APT has. 

With gratitude, we thank you for your consideration. Con mucho amor (with a lot of love):)

APT Twitter: @AmorParaTodosLV

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Instagram: amorparatodosapt

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