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Sometimes it seems that life becomes just unbearable. It is the right time for looking inside for solutions. Obstacles are those helping forces that set the spiritual aspirant on the right path.

Ananda Marga is an ideology of life that bring a positive outlook in any situation. Personally I have been meditating since 1986 and I found that whenever I needed there was a helping hand right there. I just had to make the effort to reach that hand and allow to receive what was needed at that moment.

Society needs Ananda Marga and Ananda Marga needs society in order to accompllish its mission of universal love We have been leading social service projects in most countries of the world facing whatever difficulty the people in the area were confronted. Should to shoulder without neglecting anybody we have paved the way for generations to grow a better future.

When I was in Haiti I started a school with 500 dollars. It had 50 kids and two teachers at the beginning. Now it is a complete school with all grades from pre-school to primar and 300 plus students. Everything starts with a seed and many projects need your help.

I am expecially concentrated in Central America where I have found lot of scope for social service. In Guatemala for exampe we run a school in a difficult area. The teacher need support in many ways including your contribution for paying their salary.

In the countryside of Guatemala where the Mayan villages still produce beautiful artcraft and maintain their incredible cultural tradition, we have a rural project that need support. A house need to be built on the land in order to guarantee a presence that help the intercultural exchange removing the isolation without breaking the identity of the Mayan people.

This are just small examples of Annada Marga projects. You may find Ananda Marga almost everywhere addressing the need of the people in the location. From Los Angeles where we distribute food to the homeless since 20 yeras. To St. Andre' Avellin in Quebec between Ottawa and Montreal where we offer meditation and yoga instructions to several institutions and individuals in general.

Yoga is now popular all over the world and meditation is also reaching a discete popularity. Ananda Marga scope of service is exanding constantly in order to fullfill the growing need of integration towards a truly human society removing all barriers of creed, nationality and narrow sentiments.

Joining Ananda Marga is a commitment for the welfare of all society without neglecting animals and plants that are also part of this beautiful creation. Their respect and safeguard is part of the conditions that any constitution should guarantee. , and other websites are windows on Ananda Marga reality that we invite you to visit. Your support will always be welcome.

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