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Each Angel View client has a compelling story. Here are a few that particularly touched us.

R has a 3-year old, Josue, who was diagnosed with a fatal childhood condition. A single mom with two other children, the family lived in a broken down trailer in an unpermitted park without a car, propane, hot water or a working washing machine. Their only method of cooking was a small microwave oven or an outdoor wood stove. The unsanitary conditions were life threatening to Josue. By providing case management services and collaborating with project partners, we were able to move the family into a newly fabricated mobile home in a permitted park. By working with our supporters, we were also able to cover their rent for a year, provide them with new household furnishings and appliances, and transportation reimbursement. Josue is still critically ill but his emergency trips to Loma Linda Medical Center have been dramatically reduced.

B's four year old son Dion has developmental delays and was increasingly frustrated by his inability to communicate. He was having difficulty saying words and couldn't get his family to understand his needs. A therapist referred B to Angel View. We helped access several beneficial resources and provided a mini grant to pay for a therapeutic communication device. Now Dion is able to convey his needs. It reduced the stress on the whole family.

J adopted a toddler, Emily, with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Then she was diagnosed with cancer. J was really struggling with the cost of the frequent trips to see pediatric specialists. Medical insurance covered the cost of her treatments but the travel cost the family hundreds of dollars a month. They had to choose between buying food or gas. J called Angel View at a friend's suggestion. We enrolled her in our medical transportation reimbursement program. Now she's reimbursed for the "medical miles" she drives accessing Emily's care. It takes a huge burden off the cash strapped household.

In addition to Angel View Outreach, which provides services to local children with disabilities, Angel View provides 24-hour residential nursing care to 114 children and adults with profound disabilities and a therapeutic Day Program for adults with developmental disabilities. We need your support!

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