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Our Mission:

Advancing human knowledge to improve animal lives.

About us:

ASI works to expose students, professionals, and scholars to the importance of the human-animal relationship. We provide both students and faculty with access to quality information about the study of human-animal relationships and offer an array of opportunities on how to get involved. ASI also helps to create and improve human-animal studies programs in universities and colleges. 

We promote scholarly work in human-animal studies and translate that work into something that human and animal service professionals and other scholars can access and use. ASI helps to ascertain research priorities for the field, targeting topics that are under-researched, giving scholars venues to research and publish in those areas. We convene conversations whereby scholars and those who work to help animals and people can discuss their work. 

ASI provides information and resources to help those who are working in areas of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention and intervention of animal maltreatment. We also create and promote diversion and treatment programs to help human service providers identify, evaluate, treat and/or appropriately refer individuals who neglect or abuse animals. ASI provides assessments of existing humane education programs, animal abuse treatment programs, and other programs that help professionals to locate the best, most effective practices for their work. We provide high quality, scholarly resources to animal agencies and animal service professionals to allow them to use the most effective practices for their work. We also provide evidence-based, theoretically sound and useful knowledge about human-animal relationships to those who work to affect policy and practices involving animals.

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