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$5,000 Goal

  • Our new office contact number is 602-909-7153

Do you realize that you have  given  us almost 4 million dollars  in donated cash and pet items to give to all 15 counties n Arizona.

The bad news is that we are cash poor and unless we raise money for gas and trucks, we cant deliver what we get, without YOUR help!  Will you help us get resources to the rural communities before the end of this year?

The good news is that because we are SO good on obtaining in kind donations, we actually INCREASED our services locally and have added deeper support!

Would you consider adding more cash donations so that we can help Rural Arizona? Just note for operations on your donations.

OR Do you want to support our Vets and their service dogs and pets? We are offering medical support for their pets for 2016!

How about for people who wont leave pets behind in a disaster in Arizona, or need a place to stay for pets when their home burns up?

Or perhaps you might want to support our new programs just note what who or where you want YOUR donations to go!

We have created a Maricopa Citiens Corp for the people of the 68% of households with pets - and other special needs!(27% of Arizona is functionally disabled now and growing)

Or how about giving us a matching grant?

Join our 2021 Holiday Fund Raising by posting this page on your social media page!

From loss of job or home, to catastrophic illness, to Veterans displaced and alone, to the functionally disabled (37% of Arizonians) with service animals, and now domestic violence victims help hostage by their love for their beloved pets, ~ disasters come in all sizes and kinds besides fires floods and other natural disasters.

 Disaster Services: Single Family to Communities in Arizona

 Our FEMA sanctioned Animals Disaster Team works from Arizona State Health Dept., help community wide disasters for State Emergency Preparedness:

We also help Veterans and Domestic violence victim with this full service

In addition to pet food, we give leashes, collars,  pet bowls, bedding for the old, pet toys for the young, kitty littler etc.  If it’s a pet, we will help – rabbits,   ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles, fishes…


2. Short Term Emergency Assistance

We are now part of 16 coalitions, such as United Way's Project Connect, Arizona Veteran's Stand  Down, Hopefests in Arizona (in Phoenix (where we ran "Pet Alley" to offer support services and resources to a population of 25,000 clients in 1 day! 


3. Longer term Assistance

Many people will ask for help for their pets but not for themselves. Empty Bowl Pet Food, partners with groups, churches, food banks, schools and other organizations to help people coming to get food for their pets, to also get human help to get back on their feet.

These agencies come to get pet food from our many storage spaces to add to the human services to motivate  and help people to find their way back on their feet.


>Special programs: Seniors, Veterans, Functionally Disabled, Domestic Violence, Homeless Shelters!

>United Way's Agency ID #18782  + Project Connect events thoughout AZ communities!                                

>Hopefest  (faith-base)  homeless/low income connects to community service at event and beyond!

>Arizona Veteran's Stand down thoughout Arizona's Counties & Communities!

>Also starting a Resiliency Reading club 9 featuring Bruce Cameron's youth and adult Dog Books!

> Starting September 2021, we are running "Pet Enrichment Gardening" through the AZ State,  Maricopa County and Phoenix Food Coalitions to help with creating sufficient food and to get vulnerable populations to work with main stream populations! 

> Volunteer for More Pet Food, help others while helping yourself!!

>Crisis assistance for animal rescues and shelters in emergency situations!

NEW: since so many people have pets who are special needs: disabled, seniors, terminally/chronically ill, living alone or families with small children we have two new departments:  

A)  For individuals and families with special  needs:  America, RU Prepared, for making the decision to stay or evacuate becfore government aid arrives and

B) For Agencies, "Cooperative Collaboration Coalition to better support the community and to help agencies understand what they need to do in disasters!

  All pet food/items are donated, but we are still averaging $1,500 a month in expenses in spite of the push to do even more.  How many pets we help depends on your donations around Arizona.

Your dollars directly help stop pets from going hungry and being abandoned. 


Just let us know what you want. Have your money spent YOUR way!!

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Animals and Humans in Disaster Inc, Empty Bowl Pet

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