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Our social justice roots go all the way back to 1965 when we were founded by social activist, Don West. West wanted all people to be treated equally and sought to lift us people's who had been oppressed. We continue to serve people across the country by providing educational programs, cultural events and service opportunities. 

Situated in one of the poorest yet most beautiful counties high in the Appalachian Mountains, we nurture the mountain community with camps for children, workshops and events for all ages, and a home repair program for our elderly or indigent. 

With long standing poverty that seems to be increasing in the coal bearing states, people struggle to survive.  The average lifespan of males is one of the lowest in the country.  Our children face unsafe schools and long bus rides each day, just to get an education. Art as well as other enriching subjects keep getting cut out of the school system every year. With public water supplies being poisoned and employment dwindling our people face an uncertain future.

Our 65 acres campus also offers opportunities for other groups who wish to hold small to moderate sized events and conferences.  We are natural place for gathering with other like minded people who work for social change. 


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