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Across the state, people with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their families must continually fight for their rights and to be fully included in society. The Arc ensures people do not need to fight alone. We stand with
people. Together with our network of members and affiliated chapters, we will continue to improve systems of supports and services, connect families, inspire communities, andinfluence public policy.

Our primary work includes supporting our 10 local chapters across Nebraska to ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families feel suported and knowledgeable about their rights and about the systems that are in place to support them.

We are based in Lincoln to also carry out the work of legislative advocacy which is so important to our constituents. Just this year,  The Arc made repeated connections with its local chapters and individual families to share their stories with Nebrsaka's legislators...and they listened. In conjunction with other civil rights organizations, the legislature passed a new law establishing insurance for behavioral needs for children with Autism and the legislature created the Office of Public Guardianship. It was through networking  with our local chapters and connecting with our constituents that our representatives heard our voice! It is also this voice that has been heard year after year about funding the waiting list for services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our representatives care about us. We are united. We know where we stand and we adhere to our Core Values of People First, Equity, Community Inclusion, Self-Determination, and Diversity. Please stand with The Arc and Achieve with Us!

Please also assist our local Arc of Lincoln Chapter on this important day.

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