Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts

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What we do and why

Dignified, affordable abortions are a legal right, but they are economically out of reach for many.  We believe that the right to abortion is meaningless without the ability to pay for it.  No woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy to term because she cannot afford medical fees and related expenses.

ARFWM’s primary commitment is to women in the counties of Western Massachusetts, but we also respond to the needs of women elsewhere in the country, especially in areas where restrictions on abortion are causing danger and hardship.

How you can help

We are an all-volunteer organization founded in Amherst in 1988. We continue to rely on contributions from the Pioneer Valley community. Nearly 100% of your donations will be used directly to serve our clients. With your help ARFWM can continue to be a vital resource for the women who seek our support.  Our sisters, mothers, nieces, daughters and friends depend on people like you.


Every donation matters and contributes to a collaborative effort from multiple funding sources to support access to an abortion procedure. First trimester procedures typically cost $650. Later abortion procedures may cost from $1000-$8000, before lodging and transportation costs. Your contribution may allow a woman to continue to pay her rent while taking care of her procedure costs.

Who receives our funds?

A woman in the Marines who got pregnant because she was raped. She couldn’t deploy with her unit if she was pregnant, and US military insurance excludes abortion.

A woman who lived in an apartment belonging to her husband’s family. Her father-in-law controlled all expenses, monitored the telephone, and ruled by terror. He threatened harm if anyone in his house ever mentioned abortion.

A young student whose thank-you letter to ARFWM said, “The funding has not only helped me to continue my education, but this procedure is allowing me to become a more fit mother. I’m enabled to become financially stable. It’s much needed to survive, and I’m desperately lacking in that area. Love alone won’t cut it. Sincerely thankful, (name withheld).”




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