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ACBVI was founded in 1947 by a small group of blind and visually impaired individuals who began meeting in each other's homes to share information on job opportunities and adaptive tools and techniques for daily living. These gatherings provided the model for today's support groups and supportive culture that is the signature of ACBVI today.

Today's ACBVI serves adults who are legally blind, severely visually impaired or who have a chronic degenerative eye disease or condition. In recent years, an increasing number of ACBVI's clients are also experiencing additional physical, sensory and/or cognitive disabilities. While the majority of adults with vision loss are older, many more younger adults are now seeking our services due to the increasing incidence of Diabetes, as well as traumatic injury.

For all those in need, ACBVI provides customized, comprehensive rehabilitation instructional programs, social services and leisure activities including, but not limited to: adaptive daily living skills,  mobility instruction, counseling services, vocational rehabilitation programs, computer and other technology training including mobile technologies, social services, a hot lunch program and a broad array of leisure skills and activities at its main facility in Phoenix.

In addition, the Center provides a low vision clinic, participates in National Science Foundation research, and trains State Vocational Rehabilitation employees in technologies available to individuals with one or more disabilities. The Center also serves as one stop shop for information and referral for comsumers and professionals and acts as a resource to government, academia and the healthcare community.

Every day people come through our doors whose lives have been devastated by vision loss. Through the Center's totally accepting and supportive environment, the assistance of highly skilled staff, dedicated volunteers and powerful peer support, amazing transformations take place. Everyday, we hear somebody say, "The Center saved my life."



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Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

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