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We envision a world in which all individuals are safe and communities champion respect and equality, and we know that by working together we can make this dream a reality in Arizona. Since 1980, we've lead the anti-domestic violence movement in Arizona and provided key services aimed at eliminating abuse. In 2013, the coalition became the designated dual coalition in Arizona to address both sexual and domestic violence becoming the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence.

Our core services include training, a Legal Advocacy Hotline, policy advocacy and lobbying, and expert consultation to Arizona's sexual and domestic violence shelters and non-residential programs.

Our Legal Advocacy Hotline, the only one of its kind in the country, continued to provide callers with information about safety plans, the court process, family law issues, protection orders and more.  We offered technical assistance to emergency shelters, non-residential programs as well as other professionals throughout Arizona.  We’re committed to helping programs serve victims of domestic violence in an inclusive and empowering way, thereby fulfilling their missions.

Our staff fights for legislative changes that support victims of domestic violence and hold those who choose to abuse accountable for their actions. ACESDV values working on policy changes that will positively impact many victims at once. In doing this, staff at the Coalition review the latest research and provide information coming directly from advocates when addressing new laws, as well as, other policy changes such as, shelter policies, court proceedings, state and federal funding, training requirements for professionals and more.

Our trainings inspire action. One person who attended The Sharing Experience, our 40-hour basic course, told us, "I went to court to testify after witnessing a domestic violence incident in my community. If I hadn't gotten trained at ACESDV or known of the help available for a victim, I probably wouldn't have said anything or come forward to make the initial report. The person who chose to abuse was in jail for three months, and now the survivor is doing well. She got the help she needed through ACESDV's Legal Advocacy Hotline and an attorney. I'm usually a pretty quiet person, but when it comes to domestic violence- no more!"

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our work since 1980, and to the new supporters who are joining us today. Together, we are making a difference.

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