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Arnell Memorial Humane Society is committed to helping animals. Our shelter accepts hundreds of animals every year, providing safety, care and adoption for lost abandoned and surrendered pets in rural North Western Wisconsin.  We offer pet over-population protection through our Low Income Spay Neuter Assistance Program and behavioral education for pets and caregivers. 

Over the past year, 534 animals came to the shelter of Arnell Memorial Humane Society. This year seemed to be filled with exceptional adoptions. It harbored adoption journeys that took all we could give to make the transition from unwanted animal to beloved pet. Adoptions for pets with behavioral issues or recovery from injury and poor health, required training, enrichment, imagination, publicity and patience. It was a remarkable year for the long shot. 

There were litters of adorable puppies and kittens; more fostering than any other year. There was the detective work of finding owners of stray dogs that produced a 77% reclaim rate. There were animals delivered in desperate need of medical attention, including a fair number of Senior pets who came to us as strays. And Thankfully, there were fantastic people that chose to adopt. 

The road from "Stray to Adopted" is paved with remarkable people who walk dogs, cuddle cats, coordinate fundraisers, sponsor events, donate, clean kennels, share our pet photos, foster, transport, adopt, and volunteer their talents.  They all play a significant role in each and every adoption. 


 Coming together for animals is alive and well at Arnell Memorial Humane Society. People who care have come together to build this coalition of talents, personalities and heart to support the animals in our community.  We are very lucky to have great support from our Volunteers, Executive Board, Donors, Foster Homes, and dedicated Staff. Join Us. Together We Are Arnell Memorial Humane Society; We Are Here for the Animals.  




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