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Ten years ago, we formed our organization in the cafe at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts after seeing how an exhibit of Mexican art brought the entire community together. We are part of the incubator program with the Utah Partnership Center - University Neighborhood Partners. We have built this solid foundation to take us to the next level in bringing the best of Mexican art and culture to Utah: adding to our traveling exhibits about Mexican art; developing our Mexican film tour; expanding our prizes for original Poetry writing in Spanish; and expanding our community art and history classes.

Our values

Multiculturality is the core value of our programs. We reflect on historical and current perspectives that include the U.S. history and parallels between Mexico/Latin America and the U.S. 

Our community conversations, discussions and workshops provide inclusive and diverse perspectives of those identified as indigenous, mestizo and of African descendants born in Mexico, immigrants, those of Mexican/Latino heritage born in the U.S. and non-Latinos, to build understanding and cross-cultural competence.

We especially seek to help the Latino-Hispanic youth to connect with their roots and to be proud of being part of a multicultural heritage.

We speak the voice and perspectives of our community in everything we do. Our community helps us create the content of our programs by sharing people’s relevant oral histories and cultural knowledge, then we stimulate the public to create their own art in response involving local visual artists, poets, writers, and filmmakers, as well as, university professors, teachers, community scholars and museums.

We acknowledge and share the relevance of our living traditions, practices and language. Through our programs, our audiences become aware that many of our ancient traditions are alive in our daily practices, and that those enrich the diversity of our state. We acknowledge the preservation of such practices with respect and honor.

Your donation today will:

- help us send our educational exhibits about Mexican art all over the state - like the Moab Valley Multicultural Center and the Park City Library.

- help train bilingual Latino high school students to teach their classmates about Mexican art (something they put on their college applications!).

- provide honoraria to young scholars who share their knowledge of Mexican art and culture at our free community art + history classes.

- help with outreach for our first and only state-wide competition for original writing in Spanish. 

- pay Latino artists to teach kids' art workshops at free community cultural celebrations.

- help fund our annual Mexican film tour. Screening of feature and short films from Mexican independent filmmakers! 


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