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A.R.T.S., Inc., now in its fiftieth-third year of operation, was founded in 1961 in cooperation with the Salt Lake City school district.  By the fall of 2015, all forty school districts have experienced our programming, reaching more than 300 schools each year with professional

Arts and Education programming.  A.R.T.S., Inc. is a leading source of Arts-In-Education for the State of Utah, reaching more than 200,000 individuals annually.  It is our goal to help a broad network of fine art’s organizations to play an active role in children’s development.  Working collectively we assist educators, parents, and communities to provide a teaching and learning environment, where children discover the joys of learning through the arts.  A.R.T.S., Inc. provides Arts and Education programming that not only entertains and educates, but is an excellent support for the Utah State Core-Curriculum.


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Artistic Resource for Teachers and Students Inc

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Arts & Culture


3953 South Wasatch Blvd 123


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