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Arts for All, a non-profit corporation, began in 1979 by Steven L. Sles. In August of 1985, Third St. Kids was founded by Marcia Berger, an innovative pediatric physical therapist, to provide an after-school program in the performing arts for children with and without disabilities. In 1986, the non-profit corporation was turned over to Marcia
Berger by its founder; and thus, Arts for All and Third St. Kids became one. The students, ages three through adulthood, come from throughout the greater Tucson, Arizona area. All aspects of the program exemplify integration for children with and without disabilities. Arts for All currently provides special considerations
during the planning and programming for persons with physical disabilities, visual limitations, hearing impairments, learning disabilities, cognitive limitations, emotional disturbances, mental illness, behavior problems, autism,
and seizure disorders. All programs attempt to provide a quality art focus for children and youth with and without disabilities. Arts for All currently has 4 programs which merge human services and the arts: preschool, daily out-of-school classes and activities, Summer/Winter Arts Camps, and a day program for adults with disabilities,

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