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For over 20 years Asheville Gay Men’s Chorus has utilized the power of music not just to entertain but equally important to help create awareness, advocate for social justice issues and open minds to the broad diversity of the LGBTQ community. We are in a unique position to use music to bridge gaps, create relationships and build an all-inclusive community. 

WE need your help.

Unfortunately during the COVID pandemic we are not able to gather as a full chorus. Our virtual rehearsals serve to help us learn music and provide an outlet to stay in touch.  Like many, we find ourselves without the normal sources of income from our concerts, program advertising and donor support. We expect to see a loss of revenue close to $12,000. This is a huge amount for our small chorus. With the strains on the economy we anticipate a decrease in funding continuing for a year or more. As with many things in life our monthly expenses continue and need to be paid.  We are fortunate to have a responsible Board of Directors working to keep our chorus financially secure. And we have a dedicated all volunteer chorus eager to sing together and perform.

Please consider a donation on Give OUT Day! This day supports LGBTQ organizations and gives us a platform to ask the greater community for support. All donations go directly to covering our cost of operations.  

Over our 20-year history we strive to keep our cost for concerts and events at a reasonable level so our message can be heard by more people. We focus on developing relationships with local schools and organizations to increase our chorus membership, visibility and message. 

Your support allows us to  help bring the message of diversity, tolerance and acceptance to more people in Western North Carolina through music.

As ambassadors of music your generosity helps drive our mission. We appreciate you and we look forward to sharing moments of song, inspiration and healing.

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Asheville Gay Men's Chorus

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