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$6,000 Goal

The Sacramento Asian/Pacific Islander Network was founded in February of 2020. While not yet an official membership-based organization, the Network has continued to grow to nearly 40 volunteers and organizers, and over 15 community-based partners. In order to advance a larger Asian American movement, the Network's coalition model relies, values, and elevates the expertise of its partners working the closest to their respective communities. We are grateful for ALL of our organizational partners, our fiscal sponsors over the last two years, and our founding Board.

After over a year of a community formalization process, the Sacramento A/PI Regional Network is now transitioning to a 501c3 non-profit under the official name: The Asian American Liberation Network. Our mission is to build power in the Asian American community to advance social justice and collective liberation.

Thank you to all of those who made this vision possible. Below are our goals for 2022:

  1. Formally Launch the Asian American Liberation Network Organization 501c3
  2. Raise $1M to increase programming for Asian American health, equity, healing and wellness, safety, anti-racist education, and community power-building
  3. Continue to build a community-wide solidarity network
  4. Advance a larger, more equitable Asian American liberation movement, and invest in cross-cultural solidarity.

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Asian American Liberation Network (AALN)

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