Asian Women United of MN

A nonprofit organization

Asian Women United of Minnesota (AWUM) is a non-profit organization based in the Twin Cities metro area, serving the entire state of Minnesota. 

We believe in every individual's right to a life of peace, wholeness, and happiness, including a life free from emotional, physical, verbal or sexual abuse. Our programs and expertise focus on Asian families, but our mission includes all domestic violence victims. 

AWUM operates a 24 hour emergency shelter for women and children.

Do you believe that every person deserves to feel safe and respected at all times, in any relationship? Do you believe that together we can bring peace to our homes, our community, and our world? If you answered yes, then Asian Women United of Minnesota is the organization for you to support!


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Asian Women United of MN

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P.O. Box 6223
Minneapolis, MN 55406